Carrion Kids

Carrion Kids began their Rock n’ Roll destruction in 2015. Hailing from Mexico City, these garage punkers knew they were playing in between the scenes of their beloved city and traditional latin country.
Pushing boundaries with music and an explosive chaotic live show, Carrion Kids gain influence beyond Mexico from the likes of past bands such as: The Reatards, Brainbombs and Tokyo Electron to name a few. Carrion Kids are a force to be reckoned with, world wide, with three self released studio albums: “Party Down At Chittagong”, “Animal Deluxe” and “Hacer Daño”. With a healthy appetite for touring, Carrion Kids have ended up being a staple in national and international music festivals, such as: Freakout Festival (Seattle), SXSW (Austin) and MonkeyBee Festival (CDMX).
Carrion Kids embarked on their first European tour in 2019, bringing their chaotic live performance to Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Now in 2020, we see Carrion Kids teaming up with American independent label, Static Blooms Records to help unleash the wild, no fvcks given sound that is Carrion Kids!
Look for new releases from the band coming out early summer 2020 on Static Blooms Records!