• FAQ for shipping: “We pack all our orders and try to have them shipped out within 2-5 business days. Due to logistics of where the order is going there maybe time delays of recieving product. if it takes any longer than 4 weeks from order, please contact: clint@staticbloomsrecords.com
  • FAQ Shipping Rates:  Standard domestic  $5.00 for a 12″ / 7″ record. Multiple records up to 10 save on shipping costs. Europe a 12″ / 7″ record $25.00
  • FAQ Multiple item orders exceeding weight / dimensions will have to wait for a shipping quote before final checkout.
  • FAQ Defective Product: If you are unsatisfied with your product because it physically is damaged, please email: clint@staticbloomsrecords.com
  • General inquiries: contact. clint@staticbloomsrecords.com
  • Sales / Distributors contact: clint@staticbloomsrecords.com

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