Larry Desentis

Mexico’s Larry Desentis is an enigma of music and his rainbow of deep seeded arts and culture, comes out in this young man’s debut solo LP, Desentis!

Larry Desentis has been playing in bands since his mid teens, touring, releasing records and even starting an independent record label with his friends, Toga Records. Currently Larry’s one third of psychedelic rock n roll band, The Risin’ Sun Co, a staple of Mexico cities music scene nationally and internationally.

Early 2020 Covid-19 struck the world and the global trend of staying inside began, which finally allowed Larry time to achieve his solo musical endeavours. He had written and accumulated 11  songs and finally decided to put them all together for this very sonically pleasing LP.

“Desentis”, is a wild sonic experience, drawing from an older era of music. Lou Reed “Street Hassle” era, Bob Dylan’s “FreeWheelin”, or even Marc Bollin vibes. “Desentis” is an album that you could listen to over and over, hearing new elements of instrumentation each time. The album is refreshing and almost comforting like you’ve heard this album your whole life. Sometimes it’s reverb drenched, sometimes lofi, sometimes hifi, and everything in between.

It can’t be expressed easily, you just have to buy, download and most importantly, LISTEN to this album!

Static Blooms Records happily welcomes Larry Desentis to the label! We are rushing to get the vinyl and digital out to you, in stores and on all online platforms. For now go to Larry’s bandcamp at the link below to have a listen!