Los Honey Rockets are a post punk garage band, hailing from beautiful and chaotic Mexico City. Los Honey Rockets started in 2016, with a self released 5 song EP cassette titled “Brutal Ranch”. The cassette sold out after several national and international shows.

Every member of Honey Rockets are veterans of the Mexican scene: Jorge Vilchis (Guit/Vox), Alex Zazá (Bass), Jasmina Hirschl (Organ/Back Vox) and Mauricio Ruizpalacios (Drums).

After several years of non-stop touring the US and Mexico, the band returned to the recording studio. In 2019 Los Honey Rockets finished their second EP titled “Asco en el Escenario”. This cassette EP was released through Cintas Tapes from Monterrey, NL.

A wide range of influences can be heard on the EP: Memphis Tennessee’s Lost Sounds, or the weirdness of German experimental group NEU!… and maybe a bit of Sweden’s Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons. Analog music lovers are already clamoring to get their hands on the vinyl version as the cassette was limited and sold out within the past year.

Now in 2020 Los Honey Rockets have teamed up with US label Static Blooms Records to release their EP “Asco en el Escenario” on vinyl for the first time, and are working together to put the band’s first full length LP out this fall, accompanied by national and
international shows!

“Asco en el Escenario” is definitely a highly expected progressive album to come from Mexico, as no other Mexican band or record has a sound like this!

Singles on this EP include “Ajolote” – A brutal post punk rocker that will easily take you back to early Goner Records days – and “Mujer Violenta” – A total 80’s energy bursting punk rocker will make you dance and trip out!