Obsessions is a recording project between two friends from Vancouver, Canada.

Pacific northwest bands tend to have a certain weirdness or even darkness to their sound, Obsessions is no different. Putting together songs that were once cast aside in previous musical endeavors, Kyle Crawley and Clint Lofkrantz constructed 7 songs of brutal garage punk that reflects their thoughts as people but most importantly their sonic overdrive and unforgiving recording and musical nature.

Featuring past members of Vancouver bands, Dead Ghosts, Time Copz, and Manic Attracts. Kyle (Bass/Vox), and Clint (Guitar/Vox) were lucky to get local musician, Bryce Agecoutay to record drums in one day. The overall result is something of substance and possibly only meant for a 100 turntables in the world but this record is a statement of what can be done with barebones approach and and DIY ethos.

You can purchase the Obsessions single and EP here ! Both are limited pressings!