Pura Crema was established in 2014 by guitarist/vocalist – Alejandro Costanzo, after alosing bout with Immigration Canada, forced to return to his native land Mexico. Going through a tough time obviously, but even worse was the breakup of his former band Dizzy Eyes. However they had the good fortune to release a single on Seattle label Sub Pop subsidiary , Hardly Art Records. Now back in his hometown of Monterrey Nuevo Leon, he got back together with his close friends, Oscar Aguirre (Bass), Fernando Treviño (Drums) and Michel Aguilar (Guitar). They banded together over day to day influences of life in Monterey. Mexican society, politics and love are a staple in writing and influence. Their music is distinctive to their Hispanic rock n’ roll roots, indifferent to the
club driven soundtrack of their hometown and most importantly they are fucking chingoón live show!
Pura Crema has achieved three studio albums and one live session, over the past five years. Their latest release “Fin de la Era”, an 8 song tape cassette EP out on Cintas Tapes caught the attention of american label Static Blooms Records Not soon after, a two song 7” was released in early 2019 on the SBR label. Both tracks exclusively remixed for the vinyl single pushing more of their sonic chaos into those grooves
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